Carnival Games

A Carnival Game is a game of chance or skill that can be seen at a traveling carnival, charity fund raiser, amusement park or at a county fair.

Let us bring the fun to you!

With over 100 Carnival Games to choose from, we have the largest selection in The Valley!

Here is a peek at some of the themes you can choose from:

  • VINTAGE – Ten to choose from!
    These are the CLASSICS like Balloon Darts, Floating Dish & Soda Bottle Ring Toss.
  • BEACH or HAWAIIAN – Eleven to choose from!
    Who wouldn’t love Dolphin Ring Toss, Coconut Bowling & Lifeguard Basketball?!
  • BASEBALL – Sixteen to choose from!
    Chase Field favorites are Spinning Bat Baseball Toss, Mascot Knockdown & Strike Zone.
  • FOOTBALL – Eleven to choose from!
    Cardinal favorites are Spinning Helmets Football Toss, Football Wrecking Ball & First and Ten Quarterback Toss.
  • OKTOBERFEST or BEER GARDEN – Eleven to choose from!
    Make a toast with Spill the Beer, Pretzel Fishing & Keg Roller Bowler.
  • ALIEN INVASION – Five to choose from!
    Cosmic Bowling, Alien Knockdown & Ring the Spaceship are out of this world!
  • SOUTH OF THE BORDER – Eleven to choose from!
    Tortilla Toss, Tequila Bottle Stand Up & Corona Bottle Ring Toss will make you want to should ARIBA!
  • WESTERN – Fourteen to choose from!
    Saddle up with these favorites like Rattlesnake Round Up, Boot Scootin’ Lasso Toss & Tomahawk Toss.

Looking for some other theme?!

Just let us know and we’ll put on our thinking caps!